Startup News: Bloglovin’ Spreads the Love to iPads and Androids, and Bondsy Makes Bacon a Viable Currency

Bloglovin' app hits iPads and Androids this week.

Bloglovin’ app hits iPads and Androids this week.

Happy Cloud is making it rain Last week, on-demand gaming company Happy Cloud, Inc. announced it had raised a $4.25 million Series A, bringing its total funds to $7 million. The company is now preparing to deliver on-demand videogame demos to avid gamers, in the same way they might access on-demand TV shows or movies. Happy Cloud has also appointed Tamir Buchler to CEO; Mr. Buchler comes to Happy Cloud from IAC/InterActiveCorps’ 

Bondsy is making a deal Showcased at last year’s TechStars Demo Day, unique trading app Bondsy is ready for download. Bondsy allows users to trade one random thing for another: homework help for bacon; cool clothes for a back massage; One Direction tickets for a first-born child. “When you’re not restricted to paying strictly with money, things get a lot more interesting,” said a Bondsy spokesperson. We hear the apps’ creator, Diego Zambrano, posted a homemade poutine to Bondsy and received nine offers in 30 minutes. What would you trade for a pile of fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds? 

Fleur Du Mal is getting hot One luxury lingerie brand is teaming up with Usablenet to make high-tech history, launching the world’s first mobile pop-up store. Here’s how Fleur Du Mal’s new mobile experience works: using geo-location, the brand’s mobile site will notify users of special deals and promotions when they approach one of Fleur Du Mal’s physical pop-up stores. “We believe that mobile is and should be a consumer’s first go-to place,” Usablenet CMO Carin van Vuuren told Direct Marketing News. It certainly beats navigating those pesky, tiny, always-mislabeled drawers at Victoria’s Secret.

Bloglovin’ is spreading the love Blog reading app Bloglovin’ is moving to iPads and Androids. The popular app, which boasts a reported four two million users*, combines posts from all your favorite blogs into one concise feed (that’s right—now you don’t need to have 47 tabs open at once). iPad and Android users, get ready to join the Bloglovin’ club this Thursday, May 30. 

Learn to climb the startup ladder See yourself as the next Zuckerberg or Dorsey? General Assembly has got you covered with their Friday workshop, “Startup Jobs: Find Your Path,” taught by Brooklyn Bridge Ventures’ Charlie O’Donnell. “In the startup world, what’s the next job after failed startup CEO? What does that qualify you for? How do you handle failure, the decision to move on from companies you founded, or when to jump ship from the corporate job, and where to start?” asks the event posting. You’ll have to go to find out! Tickets are $45, and the event runs from 1:30pm to 4:30pm. 

Hack this city Celebrate the National Day of Civic Hacking with NYCBigApps’ CityCamp and Demo Night. During the day, check out CityCamp, where expert hackers will develop apps for the betterment of civic society. At night, they’ll compete for a White House visit, plus a hefty heap of cash, among other prizes. “National Day of Civic Hacking will provide citizens an opportunity to do what is most quintessentially American: roll up our sleeves, get involved and work together to improve our society,” says the organization’s website. So are you American or not? Get hacking! 

Crash course in computer-speak Learn a new language this weekend—HTML, that is. Brought to you by General Assembly, this two-day course teaches the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and web design. Yes, we know it’s painful, but your Tumblr account is only going to get your multi-million startup idea so far. The two sessions cost $352, and run from June 1-2.

This post originally misstated BlogLovin’s number of users, Betabeat regrets the error. 

Startup News: Bloglovin’ Spreads the Love to iPads and Androids, and Bondsy Makes Bacon a Viable Currency