Startup News: Nerd Proms, Songza Updates, And Taking Even More Pics

c.bdae.88f.splash_header4The Real Nerd Prom If you want to relive your high school dance days while getting the chance to mingle and drink with some of the biggest names in tech, you might want to consider buying tickets to the Webutante Ball, which go on sale today. One of the highlights of the upcoming Internet Week New York, the Webutante Ball will be held at the Marquee Nightclub in Manhattan on May 23 and features drinks and dancing, along with the crowning of the annual Webutante King and Queen, which rewards two people for their achievements in tech. Who’s cool now, JOCKS?

Who Doesn’t Want To Take More Pics? If all the apps out right now aren’t filling your photo-taking habit, start up company Wander’s new app Days may be for you. Days, which was released last week for iPhone, aims to create a digital photo journal, where all your pictures are uploaded and categorized by day, with the hope that its users will take pictures of their entire day and not just what they’re eating for dinner.

Mobile Gift Delivery Are you ever running late and wish you had more time to select the perfect gift for your significant other? Online floral service H. Bloom is here to help, with their new mobile gifting app released yesterday, which will help its users send a variety of gifts no matter where they are. The H.Bloom app offers a “curated selection of the highest quality chocolates, cupcakes, candles and macarons, as well as H.Bloom’s own luxury floral arrangements.” The app is currently available on the Apple App Store, and is launching in New York City, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Chicago and Dallas.

Songza Updates Music curator, streaming app and party playlist savior Songza yesterday released its most recent update, version 3.0, which supplies some new features and shortcuts to the award winning service. Version 3.o cleans up the user interface, while also allowing users quicker access to playlists with a long tap on the home screen or by shaking your phone. Other improvements include better audio quality and new search tools and new artist playlist options.

New Inno/vators NYU-Poly announced on Monday the winners of its Inno/Vention competition, which challenged students to create and pitch a buisness or startup that solves real world problems. The winner, Ex-Vivo Dynamics, is a new technology for patients who suffer blood transfusion iron overload, which pulls free iron from blood, reducing the number of blood transfusions that patients need. The runner-up, HuddleUp, is a crowdsourcing platform that lets users buy group rate tickets without having to find a group.

Startup News: Nerd Proms, Songza Updates, And Taking Even More Pics