State’s unemployment rate edges down to 8.7 percent

TRENTON – New Jersey’s unemployment dipped again in April to 8.7 percent after employers added 4,100 jobs to their rolls, according to state employment data.

The Department of Labor and Workforce Development reported a 0.6 percentage point drop in the unemployment rate since February month. The addition of more than 4,000 private-sector jobs edged the rate down.

April’s figures mark the third consecutive month the rate has edged down. Last month, the rate dropped to 9 percent after the state added more than 8,100 jobs.

“The marked decline in unemployment over the last year mainly reflects the ongoing gains in jobs we are experiencing. April saw the largest 12-month gain in the number of employed residents that New Jersey has seen in seven years, with an increase of more than 60,000 compared to April 2012,” said Charles Steindel, Chief Economist for the New Jersey Department of Treasury, in a statement.

April’s job gains were supported by the private sector, as public-sector employment decreased by 800 workers, according to the data.

Also, previously reported March estimates were revised lower by 500 jobs.

State’s unemployment rate edges down to 8.7 percent