The Best Film Pitch Ever Sent Out Via PR Blast: VIOLET & DAISY

Violet & Daisy: a chick-flick for psychopaths.

Violet & Daisy: a chick-flick for psychopaths.

Have you ever just glimpsed at a film review, or poster, or what have you and thought, “I need to see that movie, immediately?” That just happened to us when we passed by IFC on West 4th and saw the poster for Shane Caruth’s Upstream Color. (It’s like Primer, but with worms living under your skin!)

That feeling of excitement is rare, and should be treasured for the moment of cinematic magic that it is.

However, sometimes you see a review, or in this case, a pitch over email, for a film and you think “This is perfect, but not intentionally.” It’s also a rare moment of celluloid joie-de-vivre, but very different from its cousin in the first example.

VIOLET & DAISY is a film of the second category, which we last heard about as the movie that Buddy Fletcher used Louisiana public pension funds to fund. There are so many parts of it that make us laugh out loud, we’re not sure if maybe this was just someone messing with us.

Take a look at the email, her in its entirety:

Hi Drew,

I’m reaching out VIOLET & DAISY, starring Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls), Saiorse Ronan (The Host, The Lovely Bones), and James Gandolfini. The film is written & directed by the Oscar winning screenwriter of Precious, Geoffrey Fletcher.

(Editor’s Note: Gilmore Girls, The Host and Precious are very similar genre films, for those who don’t know.)

Set and taking place in NYC, Alexis and Saiorse play adorable female assassins who are hired to make a special hit (Gandolifini), but turns out unlike any other victim he is more than willing to be killed…


I think there’s a fun trend story here about kick ass young girls– first there was Spring Breakers, now Violet & Daisy, and finally
The Bling Ring is coming out in June which also features some young rebels!


It’s the season of celebrating the kick ass girl in Hollywood… would you be interested in seeing for possible coverage in the paper?

Now, generally we try not to glorify or “celebrate” women for being adorable killers or, in the case of The Bling Ring, for stealing jewelry from Lindsay Lohan. (Less bad, but still, womp-womp.)

However, this letter won over our hearts and we’d be happy to honor your request. Consider VIOLET & DAISY covered.


The Best Film Pitch Ever Sent Out Via PR Blast: <em>VIOLET & DAISY</em>