The kiss of Barack

By our count, after Tuesday night Barack Obama now has a 3-4 record in New Jersey elections.

We may be missing one (maybe it was Corzine’s gubernatorial bid) but here are the contests where we can recall the President played:

2006: He came to New Jersey and successfully campaigned for Bob Menendez;

2008: He lost his Democratic Primary to Hillary Clinton;

2008: He defeated John McCain in New Jersey in the general election;

2009: He sent in Joe Biden at least twice and twice personally came to boost a flagging Jon Corzine, who lost to Chris Christie in the general election;

2012: He was photographed in the Rose Garden with the candidate and allowed the appearance of David Axelrod with a doomed Steve Rothman in the CD 9 Democratic Primary;

2012: He crushed Mitt Romney in New Jersey in his own general re-election bid;

2013: He supported incumbent Jersey City Mayor Jerry Healy, who was crushed by Steve Fulop.

The kiss of Barack