This Lynda Benglis Can Be Yours for $1 M. at Frieze New York

Lynda Benglis, "Wing." (Courtesy Cheim & Read)

Lynda Benglis, ‘Wing.’ (Courtesy Cheim & Read)

Walking into the booth of Cheim & Read at Frieze New York, one could see a print of Lynda Benglis’s famous 1974 Artforum ad–the one with the double-sided dildo–leaning against a wall. It’s for sale as part of a portfolio of nine images by the artist, but if you want to buy it you have to ask. A gallery employee moved it into a storage room this morning. The whole set is available for $25,000.

“It’s one of the iconic images in the history of contemporary art,” said Adam Sheffer, a partner at the gallery. “It’s nice to have something historical as an anchor to the contemporary work. I think it is a shame that some galleries just haul out the same stuff every time. We take a fair as an opportunity to curate a great group show.”

If one has a little more money to spare, Ms. Benglis’s Wing, an unruly sculpture of a glob of cast aluminum, is hanging on another wall of the booth. It’s priced at $1 million.

“It only weighs 237 pounds,” Mr. Sheffer said. The feat of keeping the sculpture mounted simply “requires a piece of plywood behind it,” he said. The piece is part of an edition of three—one of which is in a Paris collection, the other is at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

It’s a wet afternoon in New York, and perhaps more coveted at the fair is a mop for the damp floors.

“It’s a thoroughly British day,” Mr. Sheffer said. “Which seems perfect for a British fair.”

This Lynda Benglis Can Be Yours for $1 M. at Frieze New York