This Week Rand Paul Is Wandering Around Silicon Valley

Quick, someone call George Packer!

Hell, with that haircut he'll fit right in. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Hell, with that haircut he’ll fit right in. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Heads up, West Coasters: If you happen to look around tomorrow and spot Rand Paul wandering around your office, don’t fret–it’s not a dystopian hallucination spawned by too many late nights of Hacker News and Philip K. Dick paperbacks. The senator, according to Mashable, is bumming about Silicon Valley, attempting to raise some money (presumably from the resident, rich-as-hell libertarians).

Mashable reports that he’ll start with a visit to Facebook’s Menlo Park HQ and a sit-down with execs, then drop by the Googleplex and take questions from Googlers. On Friday, the trip will culminate in a stop at eBay and a speech at the Reagan Library. Don’t your weekend plans just sound so underwhelming in comparison?

A senior strategiest explained the trip in the most nauseatingly pandering tones possible:

“Sen. Paul believes that the tech sector will be a primary driver of US economic growth and prosperity in the coming years, and that a healthy and vibrant tech sector is vital to US competitiveness in the global economy….He wanted to take this opportunity to visit with tech leaders and entrepreneurs, who he believes must be kept free from government regulation that threatens to stifle innovation.”

Let’s hope VCs are a little more skeptical of politicians than college dropouts with half-baked startup ideas.

This Week Rand Paul Is Wandering Around Silicon Valley