Turner slams media over Christie love

TRENTON – Veteran state Sen. Shirley Turner (D-15) criticized the mainstream media for trying to get in good with Gov. Chris Christie rather than pulling apart the facts of his tenure.

“It’s hard to get coverage because the mass media is trying to suck up to the governor,” Turner told a roomful of American Federation of Teachers (AFT) sympathizers.

Turner spoke vigorously in support of Buono’s candidacy, but acknowledged her early trouble trying to gain traction for a face-off with media darling Christie. 

“She’s not going to be able to fundraise at the same level as the governor,” Turner admitted.

The Democratic state senator from Lawrenceville panned Christie as an enemy of government and privatization proponent.

“It’s going to get worse (if he’s re-elected),” she said.

Turner slams media over Christie love