Twitter Wants To Get More Journalists On Twitter

imgres-3Although many journalists are on Twitter and use the social network on an almost obsessive basis, they want to take it official. To use the parlance of another social network, they want to go from “It’s Complicated” to “In a Relationship.” And how better to do that than to create a  position? Today, Twitter posted a link to a new job description: “Head of News and Journalism.” 

“Twitter has already changed the way news breaks and provided journalists new ways to connect with their readers,” the description said. Not untrue! Especially considering that a recent hack into the Associated Press’ Twitter account caused the stock market to tumble; now’s probably a good time as any for Twitter to develop a liaison who can calm frantic journalists frothing at the mouth for two-factor authentication.

But what skills would the right candidate have?

“You will be responsible for devising and executing the strategies that make Twitter indispensable to newsrooms and journalists, as well as an essential part of the operations and strategy of news organizations and TV news networks,” the post continues. “You should have a strong vision for the broad potential of Twitter and news, while also being able to rigorously manage and scale the news team’s daily impact.”

The successful candidate, no doubt with visions of Tweetdeck dancing in their eyes and an iPhone glued to their palm, will represent Twitter to the “News industry,” manage the social network’s partnerships with newsrooms and journalists, and represent Twitter at industry events.

And good news! It looks like they are looking for someone with newsroom experience.

“You must have deep experience leading teams in reporting, editing or managing journalists, as well as a strong record of executing strategic partnerships,” the post says. The future of news can be a glorious place, as long as you stick to 140 characters or less. Twitter Wants To Get More Journalists On Twitter