Victorious Fulop thanks Jersey City

JERSEY CITY – Steve Fulop stood onstage with his parents in a packed beer hall and basked in victory with his supporters.

“You represent the grit and tenacity that make Jersey City special,” Fulop said. “Thank you for believing in this great American experiment called democracy.”

Fulop had to wait while boos cleared when he mentioned defeated Mayor Jerry Healy.

“I want to thank Mayor Healy for his leadership and 12 years of service,” declared the mayor–elect.

He stated his desire to make Healy, Jerry Walker and Abdul Malik part of the city under his leadership.

“Those of you who put your faith in us today, we will make you proud. God bless Jersey City and thank you,” Fulop said.

Queen’s “We are the Champions” blared through speakers.

Victorious Fulop thanks Jersey City