Walker Watch

The winning candidate of today’s Jersey City mayoral election must get to 50% plus one.

If he doesn’t, the city will have a runoff.

The presence of a third candidate (there are four total, including Abdul Malik), former Seton Hall University basketball star Jerry Walker, who is popular in the African American community, has insiders watching the turnout numbers in Ward F today.

If the race between incumbent Mayor Jerry Healy and challenger Councilman Steve Fulop is close citywide, Walker may be a key ingredient in forcing a runoff.

Healy told reporters this morning that he is confident he can win tonight.

But he did acknowledge the possibility of a runoff.  “Both sides would have to scramble for votes,” the mayor said.

Walker could end up as the kingrmaker.

With no money and solid name ID in his base, the candidate has stubbornly pushed back against the notion that he is a stalking horse or angling for something from the winner. 

In the PolitickerNJ.com/St. Peter’s debate last month, the candidate invoked Albert Einstein’s quote about insanity defined as the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. 

Fulop partisans wonder how Walker – after that – would be able to back Healy without acknowledging insanity.

He has also openly bad-mouthed Fulop, denouncing the other challenger as an out-of-towner.

Walker Watch