Will Citi Bikes Pave the Way for Bike Condoms?

(Ned Peets)

Citi Bike Dock in Brooklyn Credit: (Ned Peets)

Have no fear, the bike condom is almost here!

New Yorkers have always worried about the germs that infest modes of public transportation. With the launch of the Citi Bike program, people have something new over which to fret.

Enter the bike condom. Originally created for germaphobic gym-goers, these covers can be placed over the handlebars of a bicycle to prevent the spread of bacteria from user to user. The handlebar condoms are incredibly popular in Barcelona, another city with an extensive bike share program. (Let’s hope they don’t come lubricated.)

Another public transportation invention similarly aimed at germophobes — the Metro Mitt — never really caught on. Then again, there are always antibacterial wipes, Purrell and gloves—items that are all available at your local Duane Reade and not nearly as disgusting. Will Citi Bikes Pave the Way for Bike Condoms?