Yudin: Jets, Giants should back off megamall lawsuit

EAST RUTHERFORD – A commissioner with the Meadowlands Sports and Exposition Authority said the New York Giants and New York Jets should take into account their fan base and not oppose the long-delayed American Dream mall project, saying it will be a “huge economic benefit.”

“Back off for a second, look in the mirror,” said Commissioner Robert Yudin.

He said the project that was approved Friday is anticipated to create 9,000 construction jobs, as well as numerous full- and part-time jobs.

“It’s these fans that are likely to benefit,” he said, adding that jobs will be created at nearby fuel stations, hotels, and even in the aviation industry.  “I would urge the teams to not stop the project. Consider your fan base is what I’m saying.”

Yudin, who also heads the Bergen County Republican Party, said “residents of Bergen County want this to happen.”

The teams have previously filed lawsuits to essentially stop the project, citing traffic concerns. However, a traffic study was done and found that while there will be more traffic generated, it is going to be incremental and not significant.

The redevelopment agreement contains a clause stating the teams could seek to have American Dream mall closed on Sunday game days if traffic growth increases substantially.  The provision would be in effect for two years within the mall’s opening.



Yudin: Jets, Giants should back off megamall lawsuit