Zach Feuer and Untitled Announce ‘Jew York’ Summer Show


(Not in the show, this is just for fun)

We’ve been hearing about a lot of group shows for the coming months, as we head into the low-key summer, but yesterday we received a strong entry into this already crowded field. Might be a front-runner.

“Jew York,” opening June 20 at Zach Feuer and Untitled galleries, promises to show “contemporary work of America’s Jews in their natural habitats—the Lower East Side and Chelsea.”

The full press release follows. I’m also going to post a video of Adam Sandler singing “The Hanukkah Song” below that, because someone should make a version of that song incorporating all these artists’s names.

Jew York
June 20 – July 26, 2013
Zach Feuer Gallery, New York

Zach Feuer Reception: Thursday, June 20, 6-8 PM
UNTITLED Reception: Thursday, June 20, 7-9 PM

We live in a time of survey exhaustion. There’s no ethnic group that hasn’t been neatly encapsulated, no far-flung city that hasn’t been given a biennial to host. For a while, it was just Dakar, São Paulo, Istanbul, and Osaka, but now even the tertiary and quaternary hubs, Ouagadougu, Antananarivo, Ulaanbaator, and Manaus, are booked solid. The same goes for earth’s cohorts. Every time you turn around, somebody is giving us a glimpse of what’s going on among the Aleutians, the Maori, the Ainu, the Uzbeck diaspora. There’s nobody left to survey, and nowhere left to do it.


So we figured our only option was to do a show of Jews, and do it in New York.

UNTITLED and Zach Feuer invite you to join them as part of their summer long foray into the contemporary work of America’s Jews in their natural habitats – the Lower East Side and Chelsea – and help make all of our mothers kvell.


Artist List (in formation):

Joshua Abelow
Eleanor Antin
Diane Arbus
David Altmejd
Darren Bader
Erica Baum
Tamy Ben-Tor
Judith Bernstein
Mel Bochner
Isaac Brest
Luis Camnitzer
Miki Carmi
Marc Chagall
Matthew Chambers
Keren Cytter
N. Dash
Louis Eisner
Daniel Feinberg
Rochelle Feinstein
Jason Fox
Natalie Frank
Dana Frankfort
Orly Genger
Rochelle Goldberg
Leon Golub
Dan Graham
Joanne Greenbaum
Sara Greenberger Rafferty
Nicolas Guagnini
Philip Guston
Eva Hesse
Alex Israel
Deborah Kass
Alex Katz
Jon Kessler
Zak Kitnick
Daniel Lefcourt
David Levine
Roy Lichtenstein
Justin Lieberman
Joel Mesler
Sam Moyer
Joshua Neustein
Louise Nevelson
Lisa Oppenheim
Asher Penn
Anna Plesset
Michael Portnoy
Jon Rafman
Elaine Reichek
Ry Rocklen
Aura Rosenberg
Mika Rottenberg
Jennifer Rubell
Dina Seiden
Mindy Shapero
Joel Shapiro
Arlene Shechet
Jamie Sneider
Saul Steinberg
Joel Sternfeld
Kon Trubkovich
Matthew Weinstein
Hannah Wilke
Tom Wolf
Augusta Wood
Jonas Wood
Dustin Yellin

…and others


Zach Feuer and Untitled Announce ‘Jew York’ Summer Show