A Foot Sounds Like a Terrible Location for an Orgasm

Sorry bb.

(Photo: motherearthliving.com)
(Photo: motherearthliving.com)

Foot fetishes, however disgusting and weird, are just part of the diverse spectrum of human sexuality, and we at Betabeat certainly aren’t here to judge. But if there’s one woman in the world foot fetishists want to date, it’s probably the subject of this academic paper.

The paper, unearthed by Discovery Magazine, describes an ailment called “Foot Orgasm Syndrome” which allows the woman to experience orgasms both voluntary and not voluntary through her feet.

According to the paper, the unnamed woman has orgasms originating in her left foot five or six times a day. The condition may have developed after she experienced a foot-related intensive care emergency approximately a year and a half ago, causing some nerves to improperly regenerate and send mixed messages to her lady regions.

Meanwhile, the paper spends an awful lot of time explaining the link between desire and feet. Betabeat would like to go on the record in saying that all feet, including yours, are nasty as hell. A Foot Sounds Like a Terrible Location for an Orgasm