Bar Will Only Let You In if You’re Its Facebook Friend

You're either in, or you're out.

Look at that list! (Photo: ABC News)
Look at that list! (Photo: ABC News)

Usually, getting on a list to gain access to bars in New York takes a few strings or being a former child actress. But in Stockton, Calif., all it takes is a Facebook account. In order to combat fights, Finnegan’s Irish Pub and Grill is only allowing admittance to people who are its Facebook friends.

Owner Tony Mannor told ABC News that he implemented “Facebook Friday,” which doesn’t sound as fun as “Tue for One Tuesdays,” to keep the bar safe from drunkenly raged-filled customers who pick fights. The guest list reportedly cut down on violence so much that it’s now implemented on Saturdays.

Mr. Mannor said the Facebook guest list was in reaction to neighboring bars that are riddled with fights from unruly patrons. He said it takes about two to three weeks to be “approved” and a printed out list is kept at the bar’s entrance. The submission process doesn’t sound too challenging:

“We accept almost all friend requests … as long as you were basically a non-gang member,” Mannor said. “You’d be surprised at how many people put gang stuff on their Facebook, and that is prevalent in Stockton.”

On top of that, the staff is required to memorize all 7,000 names on the list, because in his words, it “promotes a sense of safety and community. If you don’t have rapport with your clientele, we can’t build relationships and keep the place as safe as we can.”

Sounds like somebody is threatened by the Applebee’s in the nearby strip mall. Bar Will Only Let You In if You’re Its Facebook Friend