Civil Service change opposition advances in committee

TRENTON – Assembly Democratic lawmakers moved a proposal through committee that puts in writing their opposition to proposed changes to state rules by the Civil Service Commission.

An Assembly panel quickly released resolution AR177 that opposes rule changes by the commission that opponents argue could open the door to cronyism and favoritism.

“Very little is actually known [about the proposal],” said Assemblywoman Linda Stender, (D-22), chairwoman of the Assembly State Government Committee.

“This is a way of formally conveying our opposition to it,” she said. “There’s too many … facts they haven’t shared.”

Assemblyman John McKeon (D-27) echoed the assemblywoman’s comments.

“You can’t often legislate morality, but in this instance you can,” McKeon said. “This is an instance where we can insure that politics … doesn’t become a part of the [civil service] process.”

The resolution cleared the committee along party lines following McKeon’s comments and no debate.

The committee also released A3124/S2042, which authorizes the state Treasurer to sell Eagle Manor in Fairfield township in Cumberland County.


Civil Service change opposition advances in committee