Dressel rebuts Christie criticism

N.J. League of Municipalities Executive Director Bill Dressel responded to Gov. Chris Christie’s criticism today of a tax-cut report the League issued Tuesday.

Christie had said that when he receives the report he would put it in the garbage can. The report offers a plan of cutting property taxes while increasing income taxes over several years.

Dressel initially declined comment on what Christie said, but later in the day he said that “the purpose behind the report was to start a dialogue and find an option to high property taxes.

“Property taxes continue to be a major concern of New Jerseyans. The report describes one path to reduce them without increasing municipal budgets.

“It was intended to get some feedback, a pulse.  It was one option.  It is not the option.”

Christie also criticized Dressel as a “whiner’’ and “complainer.’’

“It’s unfortunate,” Dressel said, that Christie took that route.  Dressel said that the “governor may want to reflect back in that we supported many of his initiatives,’’ including pension/benefit reform, civil service reform and arbitration changes, to name a few. Dressel rebuts Christie criticism