Erin Lee Carr Leaves Vice for The Verge

Erin Lee Carr
Erin Lee Carr.

Erin Lee Carr has left Vice, where she was a video producer, for The Verge. Ms. Carr, daughter of Times media reporter David, joins The Verge as a video producer and will work on video features for Vox Media’s tech enterprise.

“Looking at Erin’s incredible work from both an editorial and creative perspective made it obvious she would be a perfect fit at The Verge,” editor in chief Joshua Topolsky said in an email to The Observer. “She’s a rare talent who is not only able to conceptualize big, important stories — but can actually execute on those ideas. As we push online storytelling forward, I have no doubt that Erin will contribute in both unexpected and wildly exciting ways.” 

“There are many ways of sticking out in a cluttered marketplace, but Vox Media’s values of finding smart people and pushing them to do great work seems like something built for the long haul,” Ms. Carr said. “I believe that video is an amazing tool for breaking and telling stories and am so excited to be working on features for the team.”

While at Vice, Ms. Carr became best known for tech vertical Motherboard’s 24 minute documentary on 3D-printed guns, which came out in March and has amassed a shocking number of views.

“The three years I spent at Vice were a really wild ride. I came to the company as an intern and they turned me into a producer,” Ms. Carr said. “It was a really tough decision to leave, but when I started looking at The Verge’s strong video and editorial presence, I knew it would be an amazing place to work.”

And unlike at Vice, Ms. Carr doesn’t have to worry about her father showing up with a film crew (as Mr. Carr did during a memorable scene in the Page One documentary).

Although Mr. Carr hasn’t covered The Verge lately (that honor went to Times colleague Brian Stelter), he did write about them back in 2011 and was interviewed by the site last year. Erin Lee Carr Leaves Vice for The Verge