Facebook Tests Chat Room Feature Perfect For Tween Cyberbullying


You can't sit with us.
You can’t sit with us.

Have a hankering for the sluggish simplicity of Web 1.0? Facebook is here to sate your cravings with a “new” chat room feature reminiscent of ’90s AOL, according to a report from TechCrunch.

Facebook is testing the feature now with a small amount of users, TechCrunch reports. It would enable people to host chats revolving around topics, events, projects or nothing at all. Any of the host’s friends can join the chat without being invited.

This makes the feature perfect for the pack-animal sensibilities of pubescents. We can imagine convos wherein cliques gang up on intruders who dare to join their chats, or slut-shame each other after boyfriends change hands (WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID, MADISON!). Adding insult to injury, hosts can kick-out the unwanted, making for a pretty awkward recess sesh at school the next day.

This reporter was an avid tween chat room user on AOLs 3.0 through 6.0, frequenting the “Chocolate-Loving Redheads” room due to a strong sense of ginger pride and a lack of understanding about what the name meant. Does anyone miss the chat rooms, though? Not really. If we did, AOL/Aol wouldn’t be the Applebee’s salad of social media it is today.

Facebook reportedly hopes the chat room feature will cajole people into spending more time on the social networking site. We have a feeling it’ll be just another reason to avoid it.

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