Fulop’s full Jersey City Transition Team

  1. Budget and Financial Operations Review Team

Henry Amoroso, Esq. (Chair)                                                      

Keith Balla, CPA

Tom Banker, Professor

Alexander Habib, Public Relations Executive

Jack Kelly, Business Administrator, City of Jersey City

Peter O’Reilly, Actuary

John Thieroff, Financial Consultant

Karen Desoto, Esq. 

This committee will provide an overall assessment of the City’s current municipal budget, and provide recommendations for short- and long-term adjustments to the budget and to the budget preparation and implementation process to secure savings and more efficiencies for the City. The committee will analyze and assess various components of the City’s budget.  It should evaluate the current sources of revenues and examine expenditures, and assess whether they are of a recurring or non-recurring nature.  The committee should make recommendations regarding means to maximize revenues and ensure that any current appropriations are necessary and being expended in the most effective and efficient means possible. In this regard, the committee should identify and examine particular areas of revenues and expenditures that have a significant impact on the municipal budget and make recommendations on how to best promote the financial stability of the City both for the current fiscal year and for future fiscal years. For example, the committee should review all categories of federal and State aid and other governmental assistance to see if these revenues can be enhanced and/or better spent. Similarly, the committee should examine the nature, breadth and scope of all employee compensation benefit programs (salary, health costs, pension, etc.). The committee should, in conjunction with the Legal Committee, examine the impact of pending and future tax appeals on the possible increase or decrease in anticipated revenue. The committee should examine the City’s tax policies (i.e. tax abatements, etc.) and their impact on the City’s revenues and budget practices.  The committee should assess the extent to which there may be structural budget issues, and comment on the reliability and adequacy of the City’s revenue structure.  The committee should examine and make recommendations to improve the budgeting process.


  1. 2.       Public Safety Operational Review Team.

Larry Mone, Public Policy advocate (Chair)

William Braker, NAACP

Sam DeMaio, Police Director, City of Newark

Anthony Daiuto, Captain JCPD, ret.

Rick Friedberg, Public Safety expert

Juan Perez, NJ State Police Captain, ret. 

The committee will review, examine and provide an overall assessment of the functions of the police, fire and emergency management services.  The committee shall review the Table of Organization of each entity and assess the force strength of each entity and whether the force level is appropriate to carry out the tasks assigned.  In addition to the overall assessment of the functions of each entity, the committee shall examine such issues as the overall effectiveness of the entities in carrying out their assigned tasks, identify any weaknesses in their operations or gaps or problems in carrying out their assigned responsibilities. The committee should review outstanding labor and disciplinary issues and related matters, and their impact on operations, and make recommendations to improve any identified deficiencies. The committee should review the financial and operational impact of any forthcoming personnel changes, including hiring, promotions and retirements. The committee should make specific recommendations to improve the efficiency of each entity and identify worthwhile initiatives to improve the function of each entity. The committee should examine the interactions of the entities between them and other similar agencies, and make recommendations to improve the coordination of services.


  1. Departmental Operations Review Team

Eric Shuffler, Strategic Advisor (Chair)

Paul Bellan-Boyer, Community Activist

Antony Cruz, former Deputy Mayor, City of Jersey City

James Florio, Governor

Greg Lavelee, Labor Leader

Jamie Lefrak, Real Estate Executive

Daniel Levin, Community Activist

E. Junior Maldonado, Former City Councilman, City of Jersey City

Carlos Medina, Chairman, Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey

Rev. Charles McKinney

Carlos Medina, Business Professional

Aaron Morrill, Esq., Trustee, Civic JC

Doug Palmer, Former Mayor of Trenton, past President of Conference of Mayors

Jamie Santana, Community Activist

Brian Nelson, Esq.

This committee will examine and provide an overall assessment of the day-to-day functioning of the City’s departments, including the Mayor’s Office. The committee should examine each department’s organization chart and assess the reporting structure within the department, how the department carries out its assigned tasks, and how the operations of the department can be improved and made more efficient and effective.  The committee should review the staffing levels and budget (by service category and administrative overhead) for each department and make recommendations for improvement.  The committee should examine the benefits and possibilities of combining, sharing or consolidating duplicative services. The committee should evaluate capital needs and their funding sources, and assess if there are ways to leverage contemplated capital expenditures.  The committee should examine the impact of any employee benefits and the status of any collective bargaining agreements.  The committee’s review should include a programmatic review and an assessment of the wisdom and value to the City of existing policies, and it should also suggest new policy initiatives or the elimination of programs if beneficial to the City.

The committee should assess how each department coordinates its activities with other private and governmental entities such as the State, the county, the City’s Board of Education, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and other appropriate governmental agencies. The committee should identify any pending deadlines or initiatives that require the immediate attention of the new Administration. The committee shall identify key positions in each department, agency, or independent board or authority that will require the recruitment and appointment of qualified personnel by the Mayor or the Mayor and Council.

The committee shall specifically identify the various grant initiatives being employed by the departments and make recommendations as to how to maximize the use of federal and state grant programs.


  1. Executive Recruitment

Sangeeta Renade, Engineer (Chair)

Muhammed Akil, Senior Advisor to Mayor-Elect Steven Fulop

Jeremy Farrell, Esq.

William Harla, Esq.

Tricia Mueller, Labor Leader

Ellen Simon, Community Activist

John Thieroff, Financial Consultant

This committee, with the assistance of and information developed by the Department Operations Review Team, will identify key, high-level policy-making positions in the Administration critical to the carrying out of the Mayor’s policy, operational and administrative initiatives. This committee will assist in the identification, recruitment and screening of these high level policy decision makers and make recommendations to the Mayor for appointment.


  1. 5.       Workforce Development, Training and Re-Entry. 

Henry Plotkin, Workforce Development and Training Executive (Chair)

Muhammed Akil, Senior Advisor to Mayor-Elect Steven Fulop

George Blount, Employment and Training Professional

Brooke Hannson, Prisoner Re-entry Professional

Nancy Lamboy, Employment and Training Professional

Raquel Mazon-Jeffers, Addiction Specialist

James McGreevey, Governor

Analilia Mejia, Labor Leader

Pat Patel, Employment and Training Professional

Assemblyman Troy Singleton Labor Leader

This committee will review personnel policies and staffing, and programs for the development of a training-on-demand strategy to train unemployed residents of Jersey City for employment in the various business sectors of the community. The committee should consider a Mayor’s Business Community Summit to assist in the development of the plan.  The committee shall also evaluate the mechanics of enforcing the various work force initiatives including those imposed under current tax abatement agreements.


  1. 6.       Real Estate/Redevelopment/Business Climate-Outreach. 

Jeremy Farrell, Esq. (Chair)

Dave Barry, Real Estate Executive

Dania Caballero, Construction Contractor

Michael Capelli, Labor Leader

Jim Dowling, Engineer

Jamie Fox, Strategic Advisor

William Harla, Esq.

Karim Hutson, Real Estate Executive

June Jones, Real Estate Executive, Community Activist

Jeff Kaplowitz, Real Estate Professional

Jamie Lefrak, Real Estate Executive

Phil Rivo, Real Estate Professional

Eric Silverman, Real Estate Executive


This committee will work on identifying and reviewing existing areas where redevelopment is supported by the City, including outreach to current redevelopers to evaluate what is working and what can be improved.  The committee will evaluate administration and coordination between various City agencies handling housing and economic development (such as City Departments, JCRA, JCEDC, JCHA & JCPA).  This committee will also identify potential growth areas in the City and the type of development and industries that should be incentivized by the City.  The committee will evaluate existing and potential incentives to support growth, including Long-Term and 5-year Tax Exemptions/Abatements, and other local, county, state and federal programs to foster economic development, including the use of New Market Tax Credits, Low Income Tax Credits, HUD grants, USDOT programs and grants, State ERGG, State Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit, and other programs available from NJ EDA, NJEIT, NJRA, NJDOT and NJ Transit.  This committee should also evaluate the City’s relationship with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the Authority’s impact on the redevelopment of the City. The committee should make recommendations to improve the value to the City of the Authority’s position and activities in the City.


  1. 7.       Independent Authorities. 

John Thieroff, Financial Consultant (Chair)

Daniel Becht, Director of Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority

Althea Bernheim, Community Activist

David Donnelly, Non-profit Executive; City Councilman, City of Jersey City

Edward Florio, Esq.

William Harla, Esq.

William Katchen, CPA

Ron Russell, Architect

John Seborowski, Retired Technology Executive, Community Activist


Review the functioning of the City’s Independent Municipal Authorities. Examine, assess and evaluate the financial resources and obligations of the authorities; assess whether the authorities are operating in an efficient and effective manner; assess and make recommendations on ways to improve the delivery of services of the authorities; and assess whether it would promote the efficient and effective delivery of authority services to consolidate any or all of their functions, duties and responsibilities with the City proper. Such recommendations shall address ways to improve the authorities’ financial operations to the benefit of the authorities and the City, and shall include an examination of whether the financial resources and obligations of the authorities should be merged in whole or in part with the City’s financial system.  The committee should make a similar assessment with respect to a merger of the authorities’ operations into the City’s operations.


  1. Cultural Development and Tourism.  

Elizabeth Cain, Entrepreneur (Chair)

Ric Ayala, Entrepreneur

Dan Boguszewski, Brand Management

Uta Brauser, Artist

Shani Friedman, Brand Management Executive

Craig Goletz, Financial Services Executive; Trustee Jersey City Film Festival

Dale Hardman, Community Activist

Jarl Haugedal, Entrepreneur; Brand Management

Catherine Hecht, Publisher of Jersey City Independent

Rev.  Charles McKinney

Billy Michael, Entrepreneur; Brand Management

Maria Nieves, President of Jersey City Chamber of Commerce

Charlie Rosen, Advertising and Communications

Tim White, Public Relations Executive

Daoud David Williams, Community Activist


This committee will provide an overall assessment of the City’s economic, tourism, recreational and cultural promotional efforts. The committee should make recommendations as to how the City can better market its attractions (restaurants, recreation, and cultural diversity) for tourism and economic development. More particularly, the committee should evaluate how the City can promote tourism and economic development with respect to the upcoming Barclay’s PGA golf tournament, the 2014 Super Bowl and the proposed Formula One racing event. The committee shall evaluate the state of the Loews Theatre and recommendations for its revival.


  1. 9.       Legal Review.

Jeremy Farrell, Esq. (Chair)

Ramy Eid, Esq.

Bernard Kenny, Esq., Former NJ State Senator

Ralph Lamparello, President NJ State Bar Association

Victor Sison, Esq., Municipal Judge, City of Jersey City

Matthew O’Donnell, Esq.


This committee, in coordination with the Departmental Operations Review Team, will undertake a review of all pending and prospective legal claims against the City, including such areas as collective bargaining, and tax appeals and tax revaluation.  The committee should assess, evaluate and make recommendations with respect to the administration of the Office of Corporation Counsel, the circumstances and terms of employment of outside counsel, the administration of the City’s self insurance programs, and the interaction and operation of the City with its insurance carriers and insurance counsel. The committee should identify any legal matters requiring immediate attention or decision making. The committee, in conjunction with the Department Operations and Review Committee, should also examine and assess how the Office of Corporation Counsel interacts with the other municipal departments, agencies, boards and authorities.


  1. Recreation/Education.

Dr. Marcia Lyles, Superintendent of Jersey City Public Schools (Chair)

Carol Harrison Arnold, Esq.

Dr. Eugene Cornacchia, President of St. Peter’s University

Christy Davis-Jackson, Strategic Advisor

Dr. Sue Henderson, President, New Jersey City University

Linda Mayo, Educator

Rev. Reginald McRae

Felicia Noth, Educator; Community Activist

Shelley Skinner, Education Activist

Arie Sladowsky, Entertainment Marketing


This committee will identify areas of common interest in which the City and the Board of Education can through joint action promote educational and recreational opportunities for the City’s school children and the community at large. For example, the committee should examine how the City’s recreation and cultural resources can be used to enhance the educational experience of school children. Similarly, this committee should examine how the Board of Education’s school recreational facilities and other general purpose facilities, like an auditorium, can be used to the benefit of the entire community during non-school hours.


  1. 11.   Technology and Communications. 


Candice Osborne, Technology Professional, Councilwoman-Elect (Chair)

Sebastian Bernheim, Technology Professional

Steve Davison, Technology Professional

Michelle Edwards, Communications Professional

Owen Gunden, Technology Entrepreneur

Joe Harkins, Community Activist

Peter Landt, Technology Professional

Robert McHugh, Communications Professional

Stephen Musgrave, Technology Professional; Community Activist

Rob Crow, Technology Professional


The City’s IT strategy is important to the City and its future.  This committee will examine IT practices throughout City government to identify how IT improvements can promote the administration of the City.

Fulop’s full Jersey City Transition Team