General Assembly takes action on bills

TRENTON – Members of the General Assembly gave their final approval Thursday to a series of bills pending in the New Jersey Legislature.

The bills voted on during a regular voting session are as followed:

A3272/S2137: Provides for screening newborn infants for adrenoleukodystrophy.

Passed 74-0

A3278/S2516: Increases civil and criminal penalties involving unstamped and counterfeit cigarettes and cigarette smuggling and establishes crime involving transfers of counterfeit cigarettes.

Passed 74-0

A3359: This bill requires any contractor or subcontractor who registers to contract for public work to demonstrate that it is a responsible bidder.

Passed 69-6

A3387/S2227: Requires medical examiner training about sudden unexpected death in epilepsy and requesting decedent’s medical information and brain donation for research.

Passed 75-0

A3394: This bill authorizes the professional and occupational boards within the Division of Consumer Affairs to enact rules to recognize continuing education approval entities.

Passed 75-0

A3449: This bill would exclude sales of county property from the requirements of preparing environmental reports if it is being sold to a municipality or some other local unit of government.

Passed 74-0

A3472: Establishes the New Jersey Task Force on Domestic Violence and Abuse.

Passed 75-0

A3480: Requires forms and materials for individuals with developmental disabilities to be available in languages other than English.

Passed 69-3-2

A3735/S2493: This increases penalties for offenses involving child pornography, including making offenders subject to the “No Early Release Act.”

Passed 75-0

A3755: Requires the Office of Administrative Law to maintain Internet database summarizing all state rule-making actions.

Passed 73-0

A3756: Requires posting of information about availability of services from substance abuse treatment facilities on county and Department of Human Services websites.

Passed 74-0

A3775/S2188: Requires employer notification when relocating call center services outside the United States.

Passed 51-23-1

A3859: This bill requires those engaged in government functions or commercial enterprises that regularly engage in contracts for construction services report annually to the New Jersey Division of Taxation on nonwage payments of $600 or more that they make to construction services contractors.

Passed 63-10-1

A3967/S1122: This bill allows a member of the New Jersey State Police Retirement System to purchase credit in the retirement system for military service in the Armed Forces of the United States prior to becoming a member.

Passed 74-0

A3972: This bill establishes an 18-member task force to study and evaluate issues associated with the establishment and implementation of full-day kindergarten.

Passed 68-7

A3977: Requires state agencies to post Internet links to programs and services for women as applicable.

Passed 74-0

A4006: Clarifies that electronic funds transfers are included within the scope of the statute concerning issuing or passing bad checks.

Passed 73-0

A4014: This bill requires every corporation, limited partnership, limited liability company, limited liability partnership or other employer required by law to submit an annual report to the state Treasurer, to provide proof of workers’ compensation coverage. The bill also eliminates the provision of current law punishing failure to include proof of workers’ compensation coverage.

Passed 75-0

A4015: This bill deals with the situation in which other states give preference to in-state bidders on contracts, placing New Jersey companies at a disadvantage. New Jersey has a reciprocal limitations statute, and this bill would extend that to political subdivisions of another state.

Passed 72-1

A4033: This bill expands the Sire Stakes Program to include a new Standardbred Development Program. The Standardbred Development Program will include all horses eligible to race under the Sire Stakes Program, as well as foals who are the product of a stallion and a mare that are registered with the United States Trotting Association.

Passed 73-0

A4044: This bill requires any employer that enters into a contract with the state, including any contract that is subject to the requirements of the “New Jersey Prevailing Wage Act,” to provide certain information concerning every employee employed in connection with the contract.

Passed 45-26-2

A4112/A3675/S2404: This bill reduces the amount of unemployment insurance taxes imposed on employers by eliminating, during the fiscal year 2014, the 10 percent surcharge which would otherwise be imposed.

Passed 73-0

A4113: Appropriates $1.39 million from 2009 Historic Preservation Fund to provide historic site management grants for certain historic preservation projects.

Passed 75-0

A4124: The “Unfair Wage Recovery Act” provides that an unlawful employment practice occurs each time an individual is affected.

Passed 50-23-3

A4139/S2504: This bill would amend the state law pertaining to the professional licensure of veterinarians, in order to exempt from licensure students engaged in supervised veterinary activities.

Passed 74-0

A4152: This bill upgrades the crime of unlawful possession of a firearm to a first-degree crime in certain circumstances and amends various penalty provisions to mandate parole ineligibility.

Passed 73-2

A4171: Provides Medicaid coverage for family planning services to individuals with incomes up to 200 percent of the federal poverty level.

Passed 49-27

A4179: This bill upgrades the penalty for unlawfully selling, giving or transferring a firearm to an underage person.

Passed 73-0-2

A4181: This bill clarifies that certain firearms records are available under the state’s open public records law.

Passed 44-31

A4191/S2851: This bill provides an exemption to agents of a county, municipality, or fire district from the prohibition against all-terrain vehicles on public roads. Currently, this exemption only applies to agents or employees of the state.

Passed 76-0 General Assembly takes action on bills