High-Tech Fridge Denies Beer to Non-Canadians

It's Drake's fault, isn't it?

She thirsty. (Screengrab: YouTube)
She thirsty. (Screengrab: YouTube)

It’s a common problem: you’re walking down the street in a European tourist destination and you come upon a giant fridge with a beer logo on it.

But try as you might, you can’t get it to open. Instead of buying a beer elsewhere, you beckon fellow passersby to show them the cruel appliance. A crowd forms. Finally, a Canadian walks up, slides her passport into the high-tech fridge scanner, and the fridge pops open. Free beer for everyone! (Shhh, don’t worry about laws against drinking in public.)

It sounds like something out of your worst nightmare. But Molson, Canadian for Beer, created a crop of fridges that won’t open without the scanning of a Canadian passport. They placed the big red machines in France, England and Belgium, and recorded the results. The resultant video includes everything from a sassy British lady ruminating on British vs. Canadian fridges, to French people being weirdos, to a desperate man crying out, “Is there anybody Canadian?!?!”

At the end, when the fridges finally open, the crowd enjoys a cold one while everybody kisses, hugs and talks about the good ol’ Canadian days, completely ignoring that they were just frozen out of a good time by a Canadian supremacist group whose website you can’t even access without claiming you live in the Great White North.

Molson also provides a video on how the dastardly device was constructed, but please, don’t let it give you any ideas. There’s a reason they didn’t place any of the locked refrigerators in the United States. We Americans would have just shot the door off.

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[youtube=http://youtu.be/8gper3YkzMg] High-Tech Fridge Denies Beer to Non-Canadians