Jimmy McMillan Talks Stripping, Amnesia and Vietnam

Jimmy McMillan at a movie premier. (Photo: Andy Kropa/Getty Images)
The one and only Jimmy McMillan, pictured at a movie premier. (Photo: Andy Kropa/Getty Images)

Political firebrand, walking Internet meme and long-shot mayoral candidate Jimmy McMillan has a lot more on his mind than rising rents.

Yesterday, the perennial “Rent is Too Damn High” candidate was featured on Ménage à Trois radio, a local program hosted by Diana Kolsky and Murf Meyer. Throughout the 38-minute-show, Mr. McMillan waxed poetic on everything from Agent Orange to his time as a male stripper.

“If you asked me how I got into politics, I would tell you I don’t know how the hell I got into here,” Mr. McMillan said after claiming he suffered from amnesia after a close call with a bomb blast during the Vietnam War. He said that he returned from the war with three bronze stars and met a woman overseas with whom he conceived a child after “kicking it” with her. At the suggestion of his fellow soldiers, Mr. McMillan decided not to bring her back to the United States, he said.

“That’s just war coochie, leave it alone,” Mr. McMillan recalled his comrades advising him.

And after returning to his home country, Mr. McMillan pursued a different calling before getting involved in politics.

“I would pass by this place and see ‘stripper wanted.’ I went by the hardware store and got a ruler. I walked in there and the guy says, ‘OK you want the job?’ and I said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘OK you have to audition.’ ‘What I got to do?’ ‘Pull it down, we gotta check it out.’ I said, ‘OK no problem,” Mr. McMillan recalled in the interview, flagged by the blog Brokelyn.

He entered the stripping profession, he claimed, to help pay for surgery for his daughter, who suffered from deformities as a result of his exposure to Agent Orange.

On the topic of the other candidates in the mayor’s race, Mr. McMillan was mostly dismissive, but had choice words for his newest rival: former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

“Anthony Weiner? I don’t talk about nobody’s wiener. I talk about my wiener, even though he’s running or whatever. He’s a freak! Let him do what he wants to do,” Mr. McMillan chimed. He had nothing further to say about Mr. Weiner or his politics.

As the conversation shifted to his facility with the ladies, Mr. McMillan offered some choice advice about the importance of a man’s scent–and the risks of wearing antiperspirants.

“Smell is very important,” he advised. “This is why most of my African friends can walk through Africa and the lions won’t touch them. But they’ll eat the hell out of me. Because my African friends don’t use deodorant.” He also shared an anecdote about how he once advised an old woman he met at a grocery store to try masturbating to help her sleep.

The show’s final segment included a fake picnic date in Central Park, acted out between Mr. McMillan and host Ms. Kolsky.

Listen to the full audio here. Jimmy McMillan Talks Stripping, Amnesia and Vietnam