Marriage license bill vetoed; several others signed

TRENTON – Gov. Chris Christie passed bills involving a benefits for spouses of deceased fire and police personnel, liquor licenses, and patient transfers, and vetoed a bill involving issuance of marriage licenses.


S-1469/A-2756 (Madden, Sweeney/Quijano, Vainieri Huttle, O’Donnell, Ramos, Albano) – Provides surviving spouses of certain fire and police personnel who die in line of duty with workers’ compensation for entire period of survivorship

S-1904/A3131 (Sarlo/Prieto, Wagner) – Allows for the issuance of special licenses to sell alcoholic beverages in qualifying development projects

S-1961/A-3011 (Whelan, Allen/DeAngelo, Coughlin, Riley, Wagner) – Establishes “Veterans Higher Education Commission”

S-2144/A-3613 (Gill/Schaer) – Repeals and replaces Chapters 1 and 7 of the Uniform Commercial Code and revises various additional provisions of the code

S-2353/A-3628 (Madden, Allen/Conaway) – Adds one member to New Jersey Epilepsy Task Force and extends for one year

SJR-38/AJR-91 (Beck/Cryan, O’Donnell, Stender) – Designates January 11 of each year as “Clarence Clemons Day”

A-792/S-1973 (Munoz, Green/O’Toole)  – Directs hospitals to establish protocols for dispatch and patient transport by specialty care transportation units used for inter-facility transfers


S-2399/A-3845 (Scutari, Whelan/Greenwald) – ABSOLUTE – Provides, under certain circumstances, for immediate issuance of marriage and civil union licenses at the time license application is made

In vetoing S2399, Christie said that “New Jersey law has long prohibited the issuance of a marriage or civil union license sooner than seventy-two hours after application. This bill would eliminate that sensible waiting period, and provide for the immediate issuance of both licenses.

“It has been suggested that removing this brief waiting period may increase the number of ‘destination weddings’ in New Jersey. Such events, however, are planned well in advance of the current statutory requirement.

“Instead, this bill will only facilitate spontaneous ceremonies and hasty marriages. I am not persuaded that our laws should be changed on that basis.”

And in addition, he said, “I cannot support legislation that might carelessly lead to more thoughtless marriages.” 

He also raised concerns about the havoc the bill could play with the functions of municipal offices.

Marriage license bill vetoed; several others signed