Mayor Bloomberg Celebrates ‘Bloomy Cars’ in the Boroughs

Mayor Bloomberg and one of the new Boro Taxis.(Photo: flickr/nycmayorsoffice)
Mayor Bloomberg showing off a new Boro Taxis. (Photo: flickr/nycmayorsoffice)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg was especially chipper this morning during his weekly radio sit-down with WOR’s John Gambling, a day after the courts delivered two victories: a win on the city’s plan to introduce a new fleet of “Boro Taxis” that will roam the outer boroughs and one that will allow riders to use apps to hail cabs.

The good news continued on the air, where Mr. Bloomberg received calls from two listeners singing his praises, including “Harry from Forest Hills,” who suggested a new name for the fleet of outer-borough, green-colored cabs.

“Mayor, this is said with all respect: I think to celebrate your legacy, the new green cabs should be called ‘Bloomberg Cars,'” he said.

“Call ’em ‘Bloomy Cars!'” suggested host Mr. Gambling, building on the idea.

“Well, you’re nice to say so,” responded Mr. Bloomberg, who then recalled a conversation he’d had at a restaurant about a customer who would always turn down bottled water and ask for “Giuliani Water” instead.

“Now I said we should say ‘Bloomberg Water,'” said the mayor, laughing. “Not to take anything from Rudy.”

“Giuliani has a better ring on the water. I don’t know why,” he continued to muse.

In London, the city’s bike share bikes are sometimes called “Boris Bikes” after mayor Boris Johnson, and Mr. Bloomberg has previously joked about naming the city’s new fleet “Mike’s Bikes” after him.


Mayor Bloomberg Celebrates ‘Bloomy Cars’ in the Boroughs