Morning Digest: June 19, 2013

Hudson freeholder board: Rivera out

Hudson County Freeholder Eliu Rivera of Jersey City has submitted his resignation papers and is expected to be gone July 1st. PolitickerNJ



Eck withstands Lonegan’s challenge

An administrative law judge this evening ruled that U.S. Senate candidate Alieta Eck can remain on the GOP Primary ballot. PolitickerNJ



Christie reasserts special election arguments

The Attorney General’s Office responded this afternoon with a brief countering the appeal filed by opponents of Gov. Chris Christie’s decision to have a special October election to fill a vacant U.S. Senate seat. PolitickerNJ



Latest from State Street Wire

Family planning funds bill released

TRENTON – Senate Democrats voted a proposal out of committee Tuesday that calls for nearly $7.5 million in supplemental spending for the Department of Health for family planning services. State Street Wire

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House passes 20-week abortion bill

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill on Tuesday 228 to 196 that prohibits women from having abortions 20 weeks after conception. Huffington Post




Biden concedes gun push has faltered

Vice President Joe Biden insisted to a subdued audience Tuesday that he and President Barack Obama “haven’t given up” on gun control. Politico



Gingrich: EMP could end it all

As Washington decides what to do about potential nuclear threats from North Korea and Iran, Newt Gingrich returned to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to point out what he called an equally grave danger: an electromagnetic pulse. Politico



Boehner insists on GOP immigration bill majority

House Speaker John Boehner said he won’t bring an immigration bill to a vote unless it has the support of most Republicans in the chamber. Bloomberg



IRS scandal origins become clearer

Internal Revenue Service employees flagged a Tea Party case to their bosses in 2010 because they thought it might receive media attention. They couldn’t have known just how right they would be. Bloomberg



The value of open space

Behind the Danzeisen & Quigley shopping plaza on Route 70 in Cherry Hill, people test-ride bikes in the sports store’s lot and push carts from the nearby Korean grocery as cars whiz past on I-295. Inquirer



South Brunswick superintendent set to leave

Following a decade of leading the South Brunswick School District, Dr. Gary McCartney will retire in 2014, according to the South Brunswick Post. NJ.Com



Trenton faces $4M shortfall in revenues

TRENTON – The city is facing a $4 million shortfall in revenues needed to make budget in the next fiscal year, which starts in July, the city budget officer told city council members at a meeting tonight. Trenton Times



Details sketchy on Paterson mayor’s India trip

Paterson Mayor Jeffery Jones says he will be flying to India with another city official on Saturday night for an eight-day trip designed to attract foreign investment in Paterson, but he’s not saying whom he will see or what exactly he expects to achieve while he’s there.  Record



Bergen freeholders hold off override of latest veto

After six months of a Punch-and-Judy routine of veto and override, it looks like Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan and the freeholders may have found the grounds for a possible bit of détente. Record



Environmentalists want N.J. free of fracking waste

With the summer budget break approaching, a coalition of environmental and other organizations is pressing the Legislature to overturn a veto of a bill (A-575) by Gov. Chris Christie that would ban New Jersey from accepting waste from hydraulic fracturing operations in neighboring states. NJ Spotlight



NSA chief says surveillance stopped dozens of plots

WASHINGTON — Top national security officials on Tuesday promoted two newly declassified examples of what they portrayed as “potential terrorist events” disrupted by government surveillance. The cases were made public as Congress and the Obama administration stepped up a campaign to explain and defend programs unveiled by recent leaks from a former intelligence contractor. NY Times



Tax report puts ally in Christie line of fire

Gov. Christie’s reelection steamroller seems willing to flatten anything that threatens a double-digit triumph at the polls in November — including an ally. Stile, Record



Set statewide rules on where sex offenders may live

The state Legislature is taking up the thorny issue of whether it can limit where registered sex offenders in New Jersey may live. Hopefully, lawmakers have found some reasonable restrictions that will pass muster with the courts. South Jersey Times

Morning Digest: June 19, 2013