Morning Links: Black Flag Edition

Pettibon's logo for Black Flag.

Pettibon’s logo for Black Flag.

UbuWeb founder and MoMA poet laureate Kenneth Goldsmith discusses his life, career. [Dazed Digital]

Apple used to have a sporty clothing line. [Good]

Holland Cotter on Zilia Sánchez at Artists Space: “one of the year’s high points, a revelation and a refreshment.” [NYT]

Danh Vo in the Arsenale at the Venice Biennale. [CAD]

Is there a market for political art about global conflict? [The Art Newspaper]

Benjamin Netanyahu opens new Holocaust exhibit at Auschwitz. [Bloomberg]

Brian Belott and Michael Mahalchick at Ober Gallery. [ABAB]

Linda Yablonsky in Zurich. [Artforum]

“Pretty much every single Black Flag flyer designed by Raymond Pettibon. [Noisey] Morning Links: Black Flag Edition