Morning Media Mix

NewspapersYesterday, Edward Snowden revealed himself as the source of classified information on the National Security Agency for both the Washington Post and The Guardian.

Barton Gellman, the reporter who co-authored the Post‘s article on PRISM, wrote late last night that Mr. Snowden had originally approached him and insisted that the Post publish a classified Powerpoint presentation about PRISM. The Post refused to guarantee that, Mr. Gellman wrote, so Mr. Snowden then contacted The Guardian‘s Glenn Greenwald.

But Mr. Greenwald, who seems to have more access to Mr. Snowden than Mr. Gellman does, disputes with this timeline. On Twitter, he said that he and Laura Poitras—the freelance filmmaker who filmed Mr. Greenwald’s interview with Mr. Snowden and is also listed as a co-author with Mr. Gellman on the Post scoop—have been in contact with Mr. Snowden since February, “long before anyone spoke to Bart Gellman.” (Washington Post/The Guardian/Twitter)

In other media news:

Reuters’ national political correspondent Sam Jacobs is going over to, where he will be a as a senior editor. Before Mr. Jacobs covered the primaries for the news wire, he edited the front of the book at Newsweek and covered politics as a staff reporter for The Daily Beast. He has also written for The Boston Globe’s Ideas section and our own paper. “A graduate of Harvard and an obsessed Bostonian, Sam will happily bore you about all things New England,” Time’s Rick Stengel and Edward Felsenthal write in a newsroom memo. (Time Memo)

Katie, Katie Couric’s daytime talk show on ABC (which Jeff Zucker was producing before he took over CNN) could be in trouble. Insiders tell The New York Post that it’s a “s–t show” behind the scenes and Ms. Couric might follow Mr. Zucker to CNN. The Atlantic Wire thinks (hopes?) that she’ll replace Piers Morgan. (The New York Post/The Atlantic Wire)

The Times has put Kashmiri journalist Basharat Peer in charge of their India-focused blog, India Ink. (Twitter)

On Friday, The New York Times poached two reporters—David Gelles and Alexandra Stevenson—from the Financial Times. (Romenesko)

CNN has rehired it’s former on-air reporter Kelly Wallace, this time as a reporter for (Times)

Tom Friedman used his Sunday column to endorse his daughter’s roommate’s start-up business again, this time without disclosing his relationship to her. (Romenesko)

Former Times plagiarist Jayson Blair is just a “regular guy” who loves Twitter. (Buzzfeed)

Morning Media Mix