Morning Media Mix

NewspapersA United States Congressman threatened to arrest a journalist for doing his job yesterday. Rep. Peter King (R-NY) threatened to prosecute Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald for publishing scoops about the National Security Agency. Rep. King accused Mr. Greenwald of threatening to disclose the names of undercover CIA agents and assets. As Dave Weigel pointed out at Slate, this isn’t the first time that Rep. King has called for a journalist to be prosecuted. Of course, Mr. Greenwald never threatened to disclose the names of undercover CIA agents and does not even have that information.

It seems that Rep. King misinterpreted—willfully or accidentally—a conversation that Mr. Greenwald had with his source, Edward Snowden. During an interview, Mr. Snowden told Mr. Greenwald that while at the NSA, he had had access to the names of undercover CIA agents and could have released that information if he had wanted to hurt American national security, which was not his intention. Mr. Snowden’s point was that he never would release that information; he was not threatening to do so. And anyway, that was said by Mr. Snowden, not Mr. Greenwald. Mr. Greenwald called Rep. King’s comments “a blatant lie” and “menacing.” (Slate/The Guardian/Huffington Post)

In other media news:

Some (not all, as originally reported) staffers at The Wall Street Journal were offered buyouts, but a spokesperson told Jim Romenesko that “buyouts have long been an option for staff.” (Romenesko)

The New York Post‘s city hall bureau chief, David Seifman, is being promoted to political editor. (Capital)

Newspaper chain Gannett spent $1.5 billion to acquire a chain of local television stations. Print is dead and all that. (Bloomberg)

Former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien has joined HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Steve Harvey, the daytime talk show hosted by Steve Harvey, has been renewed for two more years. (New York Times)

Hearst has one million digital subscribers across all of its magazines, which is less than one percent of its total total circulation. The company aims to increase that to ten percent of total circulation by 2016. (Nieman)

After declaring that the blog was dead, The New Republic brought back its group blog The Plank. (The New Republic)

A survey found that nearly 80 percent of American journalists have a personal Twitter account. How do the other 20 percent get their news? (paidContent)

Morning Media Mix