Morning Media Mix

NewspapersWhat are the boundaries between aggressive reporting and unethically obtaining information? For Bloomberg News, the distinction seems not to have existed. It turns out that reporters were able to monitor when and where executives from large companies had logged on to Bloomberg’s financial terminal. Former reporters told The New York Times (anonymously, of course) that they were not just allowed but encouraged by higher-ups to use that confidential information for reporting. Said one former reporter, “We were told again and again and again, find ways to use what’s on the terminal to write stories.” (New York Times)

In other media news:

In an article on Soledad O’Brien, The New York Post used a photo of Latina CNN anchor Zoraida Sambolin. (Huffington Post)

Sarah Palin is going back on Fox News as a contributor. (Business Wire)

As FishbowlDC predicted, Politico has snapped up Blake Hounshell, previously the managing editor of Foreign Policy. (Huffington Post/FishbowlDC)

DNAinfo has hired WNYC’s Colby Hamilton to be their new city hall reporter. DNAinfo’s previous city hall reporter, Jill Colvin, joined The Observer a few months ago. (Capital)

Bauer, the German magazine publisher that owns In Touch, is launching three new magazines: Closer, Girl’s World and Celebration. (New York Post)

The Washington Post takes a deep look at CNN’s news morning show, New Day, and its co-host, 29 year-old Kate Bolduan. (Washington Post)

Morning Media Mix