Morning Media Mix

NewspapersYesterday, PBS sent an email to some 50 news organizations with information about an interview that would air on Charlie Rose  later that night, noting that the information was embargoed until after the show aired at 11 pm. Buzzfeed published information about the interview anyway, scooping Mr. Rose on his own interview.

This upset many journalists, including NBC’s Chuck Todd, who naturally took to Twitter to complain. Others, including Commentary‘s John Podhoretz and Buzzfeed editor in chief Ben Smith, insisted that an embargo must be mutually agreed upon, not unilaterally imposed. Just because PBS said the information was embargoed didn’t mean it necessarily was. Soon, the Twitter debate descended into bickering about journalistic ethics. Not bad for a Monday night. (Twitter/Buzzfeed)

In other media news:

In one of the odder media moves of late, Huffington Post senior editor Craig Kanalley announced he is leaving to become the social media director of the Buffalo Sabres, a professional hockey team in his native Buffalo, NY. (Buffalo Sabres)

News Corp. has finally been accused of phone hacking in the United States, by a stunt double for Angelina Jolie. (BBC)

Jessica Lessin, senior technology reporter at The Wall Street Journal, is leaving to launch her own technology site. (Valleywag)

The British Ministry of Defence sent a notice to the BBC asking them not to continue reporting on the National Security Agency leaks. (The Guardian)

Rachel Donadio, Rome bureau chief for The New York Times, has been named European culture correspondent for the Times and Times‘ international edition, The International New York Times. (FishbowlNY)

Morning Media Mix