Morning Media Mix


Blame the journalist! “The moment something goes wrong after an interview, the response—publicist-advised or not—is to just discredit the reporter, and that’s actually quite disgusting” writes Choire Sicha in a post on The Awl, which criticizes interview subjects for false claiming to have been misquoted. (The Awl)

Michael Hastings’s death is already sparking conspiracy theories. (NY Mag)

The Times is adding a paywall to their mobile app, limiting readers to three free articles or blog posts per day. Meanwhile, The Boston Globe is launching a mobile app with a $3.99/month subscription. (The Next Web/Nieman)

Sean “P-Diddy” Combs is launching a TV network that will “cover music in a journalistic way.” (The Guardian)

The Times found that only about 100 copies of With Patience and Fortitude, the memoir by City Council Speaker and mayoral candidate Christine Quinn, have been sold. (Times)

Columbia J-School professor and social-media champion Sree Sreenivasan is leaving his full-time job at the university for a similar gig at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. (Capital NY)

Morning Media Mix