Morning Media Mix

NewspapersIs it possible to make it as a freelancer? At The Awl, Noah Davis—who somehow managed to made $45,000 in the first six months of this year—argues that freelancing for online publications is unprofitable for both the writer and the publication. News sites, he contends, lose money on most freelance articles, which rarely get a significant number of pageviews. “In that way, making money on the web has much in common with book publishing, just with more cat photos,” says Mr. Davis. Book publishers, of course, are not above the occasional cat photo themselves. (The Awl)

Gawker has obtained and released the archive of “Journolist,” the private listserv for liberal journalists and academics that caused a stir a few years ago. It is causing less of a stir now. (Gawker/Washington Post)

Betsy Fischer, senior executive producer of NBC’s Meet the Press, will be promoted to NBC’s managing director of political programming. (Meet the Press)

The Los Angeles Police Department has confirmed Michael Hastings’s death in a fiery car crash and stated that they do not suspect foul play. The FBI, meanwhile, has released a statement saying that Mr. Hastings was not under investigation, as he feared. (Los Angeles Times/Los Angeles Times)

Apparently, the NSA is suspicious of employees who read The Onion and Salon. (McClatchyDC/Salon)

CNN’s Lizzie O’Leary is moving from TV to public radio, where she’ll be a correspondent and fill-in host for Marketplace. (American Public Media)

The Guardian published documents yesterday showing that the NSA can listen to some Americans’ phone calls without a warrant. (The Guardian) Morning Media Mix