Morning Media Mix


A whole bunch of journalists boarded a plane from Moscow to Cuba that Edward Snowden was supposed to be on. Except of course, Mr. Snowden didn’t get on the plane. (The New York Times)

On Meet the Press yesterday, host David Gregory asked The Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald why the government shouldn’t arrest him for publishing leaks from the National Security Agency. (Huffington Post)

Meanwhile, WikiLeaks “can neither deny nor confirm” that they will publish leaked National Security Agency documents that The Washington Post and The Guardian refused to publish. (BuzzFeed)

The amount of advertising in magazines’ iPad apps grew 24% in the first quarter of 2013 (compared to the first quarter of 2012). The number of ads in the magazines’ print editions remained flat. (Ad Age)

The Huffington Post is partnering with Hawaii Civil Beat—a small investigative new organization that does in-depth coverage of politics and government—to launch a new vertical, HuffPost Hawaii. (Nieman)

Some magazine issues have multiple covers, and the Times is on it. (New York Times)

Morning Media Mix