Morning Media Mix

NewspapersJournalists on a plane! There were lots of reporters staring at and taking pictures of Edward Snowden’s empty seat on the 12-hour flight from Moscow to Havana yesterday. Although the trip started with excitement and intrigue, by the time the wheels touched down in Cuba it “felt like any other long haul route.” (NYTimes/The New Age Online)

Julian Assange may be back in the news because of aiding Edward Snowden. But for the US government, just because he hasn’t been covered in a while doesn’t mean he was forgotten. (The New York Times)

CBS anchor Scott Pelley was sent to network’s Washington DC bureau to apologize for rubbing staffers there the wrong way. (The New York Post)

Newspaper CEOs reiterate their love of print. (USA Today)

Suregon and TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz is partnering with Hearst on a women’s lifestyle mag. (WWD)

In an earnings call, Barnes & Noble said that in response to tumbling stock prices, the book giant will stop making Nook tablets “in-house” but keep on developing e-ink readers.  (paidContent)

Leonard Cohen is still alive, despite a Times article that referred to the 78 year-old Canadian singer as “the Late Leonard Cohen.” The Times issued a correction over the weekend. (FishbowlNY) Morning Media Mix