Morning Media Mix

NewspapersGood morning. Why does the American media suck so much? That’s the question that Ron Unz, publisher of The American Conservative, asked earlier this month. His answer? Liberal bias, of course.

But Conor Friedersdorf, the libertarian columnist at The Atlantic, has a more complex answer. Much of the reason that American media organizations fail to accurately cover important stories on a combination of audience interest and business pressures; cable news infotainment is more common than well-researched 10,000-word magazine pieces because most Americans prefer the former. (The American Conservative/The Atlantic)

On that happy note, here’s the rest of your media news:

WTFOIA? The Associated Press has found that a number of Obama’s political appointees are using secret email accounts, which could hide their emails from Freedom of Information Act requests. (AP)

Tom Goldstein, publisher of the Supreme Court-focused blog SCOTUSblog, will contribute coverage to NBC’s coverage of upcoming Supreme Court decisions. (Politico)

New York magazine’s television critic, Matt Zoller Seitz, is taking over as editor of (FishbowlNY)

Fox Business News rejected an ad that criticized Fox News contributors Erick Erickson, Juan Williams, and Lou Dobbs for sexism. (Huffington Post)

And finally, an extensive investigation by Mother Jones reveals that New York‘s Approval Matrix is actually a Cartesian plane, not a matrix. (Mother Jones)

Morning Media Mix