Morning Read: ‘Only Helped His Case for Mayor’

The Daily New take on Anthony Weiner being booed.

The Daily New take on Anthony Weiner being booed yesterday.

Headline of the Day: “Kosher Weiner leads the vey.”

The Daily News looked at the once-tight relationship between Senator Chuck Schumer and his former aide-turned mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner:  “Democrats close to Schumer describe him variously as anywhere from ambivalent to unhappy about Weiner’s bid … Their relationship is now described as limited. The two occasionally talk, and they even had dinner several months ago.”

While the Jewish Daily Forward profiled Mr. Weiner’s base in the Jewish community: “’I like him; he many times help me,’ said Rossi Mektaloz, editor and publisher of the Russian-language Bukharian Times. Mektaloz said his newspaper would back Weiner. For Mektaloz, the scandal that pushed Weiner out of office only helped his case for mayor. ‘He really man, not gay,’ Mektaloz said, laughing.”

Later this morning, mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota will be endorsed by the Conservative Party, according to a press release sent out from his campaign. The extra party line will help Mr. Lhota, but the Conservatives do not have the same moderate veneer as the Independence Party, crucial to Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s 2009 re-election campaign.

It doesn’t appear tensions between Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration and New York Post columnist Fred Dicker are going away anytime soon. Mr. Dicker’s column today features Cuomo administration sources and insiders declaring the governor’s signature “Tax Free NY” legislative push is nothing more than a poll-driven vanity initiative.

Jenifer Rajkumar, vying to unseat Councilwoman Margaret Chin, unveiled “Chinese for Rajkumar” yesterday in an attempt to blunt the incumbent’s support in the heavily Chinese district. “Our current city councilmember wants us to vote for her just because she is Chinese,” one statement in the press release accordingly argued, “even though she does not represent the interests of the majority in this community.”

And there was a mayoral forum in the Bronx last night–a wide range of candidates were invited to attend:

Morning Read: ‘Only Helped His Case for Mayor’