Morning Read: ‘The Greatest Mayor This City Has Ever Had’

This suggests Vito Lopez is running for the City Council. (Photo: Twitter/@LincolnRestler)

This suggests Vito Lopez is running for the City Council. (Photo: Twitter/@LincolnRestler)

Headline of the Day: “Sheldon Silver Had Inappropriate Relationship With Aide, If You Believe Vito Lopez.”

This communication, removed from the Legislature-friendly JCOPE report on Vito Lopez‘s sexual harassment scandal, looks really bad for Speaker Shelly Silver: “Indeed, Mr. Lopez often repeatedly explained to [redacted] that he wanted their relationship to be the same as Mr. Silver’s to his Chief of Staff, and was explicit in what that meant.”

The Daily News took a second pass at it as well: “To critics, the theme song of the state ethics commission might be Bruce Springsteen’s ‘We Take Care of Our Own.'” And a third: “JCOPE’s omission of the Silver-related material was consistent with its secret decision to protect him from a formal investigation.”

Another candidate, Charvey Gonzalez, filed yesterday to run for Mr. Lopez’s Assembly district this year. Mr. Gonzalez has worked for State Senator Martin Dilan, a Lopez ally, even as Mr. Lopez is running a joint ticket with a different contender for the seat, prompting one source to speculate that there’s a plot to split the anti-Lopez vote.

Speaking of politicians involved in sex scandals, John Catsimatidis‘ campaign mail features former Congressman Vito Fossella. “John is a wonderful, amazing guy. I admire his accomplishments.There’s not a guy out there who is more real,” Mr. Fossella declares in the piece. “Some successful people retire into the sunset. John wants to give back.”

While the Wall Street Journal took a walk down memory lane to Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s first election: “‘My only regret is that my father did not live to see how lucky I have been,’ Mr. Bloomberg said that day. ‘Dad, if you’re listening, I will win and I will be the greatest mayor this city has ever had.'”

The State Legislature, aware of the New York City Board of Elections’ apparent inability to conduct the primary-runoff contest this year, has reportedly decided to change the voting machines rather than simply move the runoff a week or two later.

This transcript of Anthony Weiner and the press after a mayoral forum is fun:

Q: You did look bored.

A: Stop with that! That’s my natural face. My natural face.

Q: You seemed to know what we were saying on Twitter. Were you so bored that you checked your phone?

A: I just knew you’d be giving me a hard time about my demeanor.

Q: You really did look bored. Do you like doing these forums?

A: I did not look bored. How do you think you looked? You were really bored!

Q: Do you think you can get through dozens and dozens of these like your opponents have?

A: No.

Q: Are you going to stop going?

A: I had a ball here. Don’t you have any — shouldn’t you be covering the content?

Morning Read: ‘The Greatest Mayor This City Has Ever Had’