Hires Irin Carmon, Timothy Noah, and Others is seemingly on a hiring spree as they gear up to relaunch the website later this year. Today, the network announced that it has hired two more reporters—Irin Carmon and Timothy Noah—and a new social media editor, Nisha Chittal. Dafna Linzer, managing editor of MSNBC.comannounced the hires on Twitter this afternoon.

“We’re continuing to build an outstanding digital team of writers and editors at MSNBC, and we’re excited to announce our latest additions, ahead of our launch later this year,” director Richard Wolffe wrote in a memo announcing the hires (which was first posted by Jim Romenesko).

Ms. Carmon comes from Salon, where she covered politics and culture with a feminist bent. At MSNBC, she’ll focus on women, politics, and culture as a national reporter. Mr. Noah comes from The New Republic, where he was a senior editor. He told The Observer that in his new position he will “be writing twice a week on political and economic topics mostly.” Ms. Chittal, a social media content editor, previously led social media strategy for the Travel Channel.

MSNBC lured Ms. Linzer over from ProPublica back in March to oversee the relaunch of Hires Irin Carmon, Timothy Noah, and Others