Neigh It Ain’t So! Parents Fret Over My Little Pony’s Sexy Makeover

"They look like they’ve had work done.”

(Photo: Screencap)
(Photo: Screencap)

A new movie from the My Little Pony franchise has bronies and pegasisters crying, “Neigh!”

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, a new film by Hasbro Studios, transforms the collectible horsies-turned-TV stars into scantily clad teens, and parents are none too happy with the makeover.

My Little Pony first trotted through Hollywood in the 1980s, with an animated series and a feature film. In 2010, the “Friendship Is Magic” series rebooted the ponies with a new look, featuring “longer legs, oversized anime eyes and skinnier frames.” The new movie takes that concept even further.

“They look more like Bratz dolls,” one Washington Heights mother told the Daily News. “Maybe I’m projecting, but they look like they’ve had work done.”

“The ponies look anorexic,” an Upper West Side nanny added.

Parents seem to think the Equestra Girls have become a group of pink-and-blue-skinned hoochies in miniskirts and thigh-high boots, more trashy cosplay characters than the thoroughly bred equestrians that bronies think they deserve.

According to the Daily News, Hasbro says that humanizing the horsies will help children empathize with the characters.

“It’s still all about the power of Pony, just now in a different form that allows them to do different things in this parallel universe that they can’t do in Ponyville,” marketing director Donna Tobin said.

Just wait until the newest crop of sexualized ponies start appearing on hot pants.

Neigh It Ain’t So! Parents Fret Over My Little Pony’s Sexy Makeover