New App Pays You to Snitch On Illegally Parked Cars

Let he who is without an expired meter throw the first stone.

Come on, we've all been there. (Screengrab:

Come on, we’ve all been there. (Screengrab:

Be careful, crappy drivers of the world: a new app will encourage passersby to snitch on your dicey park job in exchange for a cut of the parking ticket.

The app, SpotSquad, is being developed by the least fun tech startup in the world, based in Winnipeg, Canada, according to Fox News. Its primary users will presumably be money-grubbing killjoys and people who didn’t get into the police academy. 

The snitches can simply download the app, take a photo of the car and choose from a list of infractions. The report is automatically sent to the lot’s operator or local law enforcement, Fox News reports, although it won’t be submitted as evidence in court — not yet, anyway, but laws could change to allow that.

SpotSquad is focused just on the Canadian market now, but may expand into the United States, Fox News reports — terrible news for the cowboys among us who treat parking lots like a survival-of-the-fittest, Wild West scenario.

Maybe this app will be useful for punishing people who illegally take up handicapped spots. But come on, if you report somebody for an expired meter, you deserve terrible parking ticket karma.

Co-founder and apparent descendant of your strictest elementary school teacher Chris Johnson smugly tells SpotSquad’s critics, “Just read the signs, follow the rules and you won’t have a problem.” Twenty bucks to the first person who reports him for a crooked park job. New App Pays You to Snitch On Illegally Parked Cars