New Candidate Suddenly Challenges Darlene Mealy

Kathleen Daniel at her  kickoff. (Photo: Daniel campaign)
Kathleen Daniel at her kickoff. (Photo: Daniel campaign)

Petitioning to get onto the ballot this year is already underway, and fund-raising began long before that, but one candidate rolled out her announcement just last Sunday.

And the candidate, education activist Kathleen Daniel, believes she has a solid shot at beating Brooklyn Councilwoman Darlene Mealy, too. Her campaign pointed to Ms. Mealey’s campaign war chest, which holds only several thousand dollars, and reports that she missed nearly a quarter of scheduled Council meetings, to press the case for Ms. Mealy’s vulnerability.

For her part, Ms. Daniel wasn’t afraid to take the gloves off either.

“I’m a first generation American born in a family of immigrants. People left everything they had had to come here so I could have a better life,” she told Politicker yesterday. “If I didn’t show up to work 25 percent of the time, not only would my family would disown me, I’d be fired.”

Ms. Daniel further declared that the district’s residents, spanning low-income neighborhoods like Crown Heights and Bed-Stuy, “are victims of a crisis in leadership.”

“We’ve had the same representation in the City Council for the last 8 years,” Ms. Daniel said, lamenting the state of public education and the decline of local businesses. “Even the McDonald’s is struggling! … We’ve been struggling since we’ve simply not been represented.”

According to the race-tracking website DecidenNYC, several other candidates are also in the field, including Community Education Council President Rhonda Joseph, Pastor Al Jackson and Byron Wright, a former education aide.

Despite the late start, the Daniel campaign said she has the fund-raising connections to mount a legitimate challenge.

A Mealy spokesperson was not immediately available for comment. New Candidate Suddenly Challenges Darlene Mealy