“No work” attorney still has contract with North Bergen

An attorney who resigned from the city of North Bergen earlier this year after the state  comptroller cited him for collecting a salary while performing no discernible legal work still has a separate contract with the city as an outside counsel.

According to a spokesman for the city, the attorney, Eric Bal, bills about $10,000 per year to act as the attorney for the city’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission.  

But according to a report released Tuesday by Comptroller Matt Boxer, Bal also had been collecting a salary of $18,800 plus health benefits from the city, but no city official could say what work Bal performed for the money. Soon after Boxer’s office inquired about the job, Bal resigned.

Bal told the Comptroller he was originally hired as the Housing Attorney, but after a 2006 falling out with the city’s construction official, work stopped coming his way. From that point on he had to “create” his own work, Bal told the comptroller.

The Comptroller referred the matter to the state Division of Criminal Justice.  The city spokesman said officials there referred the issue to the Hudson County Prosecutor but were told there was no illegality with the arrangement.

A call to Bal’s law office was not returned. “No work” attorney still has contract with North Bergen