NRSC targets Booker

The National Republican Senatorial Committee  (NRSC) slapped at Newark Mayor Cory Booker today in an email blast, a day before he’s set to leap into the U.S. Senate Primary.

“Cory Booker may be a rock star in Hollywood; but in New Jersey – where  the families, workers and elected officials that he actually works for live – the feelings differ,” the NRSC said.

The full release is below…

Booker is a hit with the Hollywood “A” List: Oprah Winfrey? Yep.  Steven Spielberg? You bet.  Jon Stewart? Of course! But when it comes to local New Jersey elected officials, unions and constituents, even Senator Lautenberg, the response is a bit more dim, as Booker’s priorities lay with stardom over New Jersey responsibilities“We’ve been working without a mayor for a longtime. [Booker] has been all over the country,” Councilman Ras Baraka said. 

“For Republicans, the situation in New Jersey is no different than it was a week ago, but Democrats now face an ugly primary sprint between three well funded candidates with a healthy dislike for each other.  The scenario is politically most dangerous for Cory Booker, who would have rather spent the next few months traveling to Hollywood and appearing on national television than being attacked by other Democrats. It remains to be seen whether Cory Booker the candidate can match Cory Booker’s celebrity persona in this kind of race, since campaigning is so much different from party hopping in Hollywood, appearing on television, or tweeting,” said NRSC Communications Director and New Jersey native Brad Dayspring. 

If only collecting New Jersey voters’ signatures were as easy as RTing, Booker would make the requirement in no time. Sadly, that’s not the case for the “most prolific Tweeter in American politics” who “has mastered the art of having a presence without being present.”

NRSC targets Booker