Oscar Murillo Painting Sells For $391,475 in London

The record-breaking untitled work. (Courtesy Christie's)

The record-breaking untitled work. (Courtesy Christie’s)

A 2011 painting by the artist Oscar Murillo, who was born in 1986, went for an impressive $391,475 at the Christie’s Postwar and Contemporary day sale in London yesterday, surpassing a previous record by a factor of 10.

Mr. Murillo followed up that auction high today at the London Sotheby’s Contemporary day sale, with a work from 2012 that sold for $177,456.

Before this double six-figure feat, Mr. Murillo’s auction record was just $37,000, achieved at the Sotheby’s Contemporary day sale in New York this past spring.

(All prices courtesy Artnet)

Oscar Murillo Painting Sells For $391,475 in London