Pallone issues debate challenge to the U.S. Senate Democratic Primary field

The Pallone for Senate campaign today called for debates in the Democratic Primary.

“With the special Primary Election Day coming up quickly on August 13, we believe it is critically important that New Jersey’s Democratic voters be afforded the opportunity to make a clear, rational decision on our party’s nominee for the United States Senate based on how the declared candidates would handle the important matters confronting the nation as opposed to having that decision based solely on slick TV ads and twenty-second sound bites,” U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-6) said in a statement. “The accelerated schedule to fill the seat vacated with Senator Frank Lautenberg’s passing has created a unique situation in which voters will only have a matter of weeks to determine who is best qualified to join Senator Menendez in the fight for New Jersey’s middle class.”

Pallone is running in the primary against Newark Mayor Cory Booker, U.S. Rep. Rush Holt (D-12), and Speaker Sheila Oliver (D-34).

“With issues like immigration reform, gun safety, job creation, a minimum wage increase, marriage equality, climate change and school reform all at the forefront, New Jersey’s Democratic voters need to make sure they have the critical information necessary to make that decision,” Pallone said. “Today we are proposing multiple debates in order for New Jersey voters to be afforded the opportunity to choose the Democratic nominee for United States Senate based on substance and ability.  Multiple debates will allow voters throughout the state to see all of the candidates and reach their own, unfiltered conclusions so it is the hope of Pallone for Senate that the other three candidates for the Democratic nomination – Cory Booker, Sheila Oliver and Rush Holt – will all agree to this request for debates today.” 

Without getting specific, the Booker Campaign issued a response to the challenge.

“Mayor Booker looks forward to sharing the stage with his Democratic colleagues and to discussing the issues important to New Jersey voters, as well as his record creating jobs and opportunity in Newark,” said campaign spokesman Kevin Griffis. “The campaign will be evaluating debate and forum invitations in the coming weeks as the mayor works to introduce himself to New Jerseyans in every part of the state.”

Pallone issues debate challenge to the U.S. Senate Democratic Primary field