Passed in Senate: gun bills, college bond

TRENTON – Senate lawmakers took action on a number of pending bills Thursday prior to taking a recess.

The full Senate signed off on the following bills:

S2468: This bill permits law enforcement agencies to impound motor vehicles for certain crimes, including unlawful weapon possession, prostitution and drug dealing.

Passed 37-0

S2702:  Sets forth certain standards to be followed by law enforcement agencies and fire departments when utilizing drones.

Passed 36-0

S2719:   This bill enhances the penalties for certain firearms offenses. The bill requires that any motor vehicle used to transport any firearm unlawfully into this state is subject to seizure and forfeiture.

Passed 38-0

S2723: Under this bill, the current paper firearms purchaser identification card would no longer be issued to New Jersey residents.  The information contained on the card would be embedded in the holder’s driver’s license. 

The transition would take place over a four-year period, making the transition coincide with the State’s driver’s license renewal cycle.

Passed 22-16

S2821: The “Urban Hope Act” authorized the Camden, Newark, and Trenton School Districts, on a limited pilot program basis, to partner with one or more nonprofit entities to create “renaissance school projects.” 

The renaissance school projects are designed to provide the children in these districts with another option for receiving educational services.

Passed 34-0

S2884: Appropriates $715,706,303 from the “Building Our Future Bond Act” to the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education for public and private institutions of higher education.

Passed 35-0 Passed in Senate: gun bills, college bond