Pretend Pop Star Hatsune Miku Opens Her Very Own Real-Life Restaurant

Don't worry, the food's no hologram.

Yes I'll have the flying cat pudding. (Screengrab:
Yes I’ll have the smiling cat pudding. (Screengrab:

It’s basically a celeb rite of passage to diversify with licensing deals these days, whether you’re a Kardashian or not. And now, a completely virtual star is opening her own restaurant in Japan.

Hatsune Miku is a digital incarnation of a singing computer program, just like Britney Spears. After conquering iTunes with her chart-topping songs and selling out concerts in Asia and L.A., she’s now opening her very own restaurant in Tokyo, reports.

Although Hatsune’s been spotted canoodling with the CEO of Domino’s, Miku Cafe’s menu sadly doesn’t include mass-produced pizza. Instead, Hatsune fans will find salads, soups, parfaits, omelets and even a rice-and-curry dish modeled after the pretend performer’s flawless head, says.

The cafe will also function as a shrine to the green-haired cartoon chanteuse, where fans can look at photos and a life-sized model of her as well as leave her notes.

It’s tempting to chalk up Miku Cafe to Japan’s obsession with all things virtual, but here in the U.S. we get a little carried away with fictitious characters, too. Just check out this glove that gives you pretend Star Wars powers and this entire theme park based on a made-up wizard. Your move, Tokyo.

[A previous version of this story stated that Hatsune Miku’s hometown is Tokyo. In fact, she was created by Crypton Future Media, which is based in Sapporo, Japan.] Pretend Pop Star Hatsune Miku Opens Her Very Own Real-Life Restaurant