Public Advocate Skeptical of New York Post Botox Advice

Bill de Blasio, sans botox, on the steps of City Hall this morning.
Bill de Blasio, sans Botox, on the steps of City Hall this morning.

A day after a plastic surgeon suggested in the New York Post that mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio fix his “heavy” eyelids with surgery, the city’s public advocate said he had no plans to go under the knife.

“We deeply appreciate their analysis,” Mr. de Blasio, laughing, told Politicker this morning. “I like being natural and authentic and I will always be.”

The Post interviewed Dr. Adam Scheiner, a noted plastic surgeon, who had harsh assessments for many of the mayoral candidates on both the Republican and Democratic sides. Mr. de Blasio, Mr. Scheiner said, has “lower eyelid fullness” that connotes an “aged” and “less energetic” appearance. His remedy? Lower eyelid surgery with a “laser festoon” treatment to make him appear more youthful.

But even after the tabloid provided a retouched photograph to demonstrate just how much more youthful he could appear, Mr. de Blasio, speaking after a press conference on City Hall steps to protest the loss of after-school seats that he blamed on rival Christine Quinn, remained unconvinced.

“You will not see me participating in any Botox program,” he insisted. “Thank you very much.”

Mr. de Blasio was certainly not the only candidate to endure the doctor’s pricey judgments. Billionaire Republican John Catsmatidis, for example, could use neck liposuction and a surgical lift to make him look more appealing to voters, Mr. Scheiner said. An Ms. Quinn, the City Council speaker and target of Mr. de Blasio’s ire today, was recommended surgery to make her mouth look less like a frown.

Former MTA Chair Joe Lhota, for whom the doctor recommended Botox to remedy a “furrowed brow,” also dismissed the advice.

“Hey @nypost,” he tweeted yesterday. “Leave my furrowed brow alone!”

Public Advocate Skeptical of New York Post Botox Advice